Tibetan Yogas Of Body Speech And Mind

PDF-file by Tenzin Wangyal

Tibetan Yogas Of Body Speech And Mind PDF ebook download Understanding how our actions words and thoughts interact enhances our ability to progress in spiritual practice and brings us closer to self-realization. In a warm informal style Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche opens up Tibetan meditation practice to both beginners and experienced students placing as much emphasis on practice as on knowledge. Depending on the sources of the problems in our lives he offers practices that work with the body speech or the mind—a collection of Tibetan yoga exercises visualizations, sacred sound practices, and spacious meditations on the nature of mind. Together he says knowledge and regular meditation practice can alter our self-image and lead to a lighter more joyful sense of being. The stillness of the body the silence of speech and the spacious awareness of mind are the true three doors to enlightenment.

eBook Tibetan Yogas Of Body Speech And Mind

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