Managers Of Their Chores (Managers, 1)

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Managers Of Their Chores (Managers, 1) PDF ebook download This book takes you through step-by-step on all the benefits of having your children help with daily maintenance of the home. The authors explain how to equip your children for life by doing tasks that they can handle on their own.

I, personally, was not given chores as a child and when I went off to college and roomed in a townhouse, I was ill-equipped to help with the cleaning (besides the general sweeping and vacuuming) of our home-away-from-home. It only got worse after I got married as every task fell to me. The more children we had, the more difficult it became to keep up. I now have a good handle on how to do all of these things, but I don't want my children in the same predicament that I was in. This guide has helped me put together age-appropriate tasks that my children can do to help me.

eBook Managers Of Their Chores (Managers, 1)

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