A Good Man

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A Good Man PDF ebook download Harry Ducharme is at the end of hisrope. Booze and bad decisions havetaken him from the A-list of talk radiofame down to a tiny cinder-blockstation, WWHD, in St. Augustine,Florida. He talks, mostly to himself,from 10 PM to 2 AM. Not sure anybodyis listening, reading books and poetrythat he likes, not caring if anyone agrees with him, playing golden-oldies from the Sixties, and wondering how he got there. Above all, he s convinced he is not a good man.Then, as a hurricane pounds northFlorida, Harry gets a visitor. An oldblack man who calls himself PeterProphet, announcing the imminentarrival of a New Child of God. Harryis a bit skeptical.Harry is surrounded by men andwomen with their own burdens to carry.Captain Jack Tunnel is the morninghost, more right-wing than Rush, witha cranky parrot co-host named JimmyBuffett, but who also has a gentle secret life. Nora James is the mysteriouscooking woman who broadcasts fromher home kitchen, but whom nobodyhas ever seen. Harry falls in love withNora because of her voice and spendshis first year in town trying to find her,only to discover that her whereaboutsare a communal secret, revealed only toa select few. Carlos Friedmann has the2 6 AM slot, a fourth-generation Jewish Cuban who cannot speak Spanish,but whose forte is to broadcast fakeinterviews with Fidel Castro.Harry's role in the New Child s arrivaleventually becomes intertwined withpolitics, Iraq, 9/11, old-time religion,and classic American literature fromwriters like Flannery O'Connor andEmily Dickinson, as well as the musicof Harry Chapin.A good man is always hard to find,but Harry Ducharme finally succeedsas he meets the New Child of God in afinal and unforgettable scene of deathand redemption.

eBook A Good Man

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