A Silent Canvas, Part 1 (A Silent Canvas, #1)

PDF-file by Melissa Ann

A Silent Canvas, Part 1 (A Silent Canvas, #1) PDF ebook download When Sarah has just about given up any hope of finding love in her small town, James a widower with a dark past literally comes to the rescue. It soon becomes clear that fate has brought them together for a reason, a chance for Sarah to find love and for James, finding someone to teach him how to forgive himself and to learn to love again. James moved to Black Rock, a small isolated town to escape his past, but a misunderstanding soon brings everything he is trying so hard to forget crashing in the present, opening Sarah’s eyes to some of his darkness. She knows she loves him but can she possibly entertain a future with a man that doesn’t possess the ability to trust?

eBook A Silent Canvas, Part 1 (A Silent Canvas, #1)

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