Tooth Fairy Chronicles

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Tooth Fairy Chronicles PDF ebook download Tooth Fairy Chronicles - A Toothless Keepsake for Boys & Girls

Children will love personalizing this enchanting, silly, interactive storybook, journal and memory keepsake book!Packaged in a “Make A Wish for Good Luck & Sweet Dreams” bag.Kit includes a “I Lost A Tooth” color in tooth chart t shirt.A must have for every boy and girl on the eve of the Tooth Fairy!

Books 1 & 2

Packaged in a
Make A Wish for Good Luck and Sweet Dreams Storage Bag

The tradition starts with the bag...

First, decorate the star to make it magical...
then, start each visit by holding hands with someone special and share the “Wishbone Star” as you both wish from
your hearts as part of your tradition...finally, store your book and t-shirt inside over the years to keep them
in superb condition!

Book 1:
Trumpet for the Tooth Fairy to Come!By the way, what does she do with all of your teeth?

1.Sing the fairy tune so she knows you lost a tooth!

2.Each time you lose a tooth, make a special tooth pouch from the book, decorate and personalize it and then leave your tooth in it for her to take!

3.There is a special box inside. When you name and decorate the box, it will develop super powers!

4.Leave your tooth pouch in the magical box and Tallulah the Tooth Fairy will take them both and plant them in her
enchanting tooth garden in her kingdom in your very own designated garden spot!

5.Shake your hips to do the hula to get some moolah!

6.Trumpet for Finnegan, her jelly slurper messenger
friend to listen out for and when he hears your trumpet
no more, he will tell Tallulah you are fast
asleep and it is time for her to come!

7.Tallulah will take a peek at your journal pages and then take your box and pouch back with her and plant it. She will turn your tooth into something special just for you and will keep the pouch to decorate your spot in her garden!

8.When you wake up in the morning, your magical box will be back in your book and you will have a surprise!

Book 2:
A Tooth Fairy Journal & Activity Book - A Treasure for Every Boy & Girl and a Priceless Token for the Tooth Fairy

1. A page for each lost tooth! Write Tallulah the a letter and draw her a picture!Record how, when, and where it happened and how much she left you! Snap and frame your toothless smiles!

2.Tooth fact and myths from around the world!

3.Draw, dream, write, decorate and imagine!

4.Memory and chit chat activities, crossword puzzle, ​
dot to dots, trace, write your own story, seek and finds, matching, counting and spelling games ...

5.Tooth charts to learn and track your development!

6.For every lost tooth, there are many pages tofill in: an autograph page, name and wish upon a star, tic tac toe, something else about your day, write a funny sentence, favorite things, and SO much more!

Kit includes a "I Lost A Tooth" Color In Tooth Chart T Shirt

Every time you lose a tooth, fill it in until the shirt is filled up!


eBook Tooth Fairy Chronicles

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