Taken in the Taxi

PDF-file by Roxy Jacobs

Taken in the Taxi PDF ebook download Serena is seduced in a taxi by her boss and coworker, and they finish things up in the hotel room.

This short story is for 18+ only. It features multiple partners, anal play and exhibitionism.


Serena’s feet were on one side of the floor and her knees pointed toward her boss. Her left thigh pressed against him, but she had no room to scoot away. Jim’s hand settled partially on her bare leg and part on his thigh. The warmth of his palm felt good against her cold skin. For a moment, she wished he’d rub her thigh and take away all the cold.

As if he’d heard her thoughts, Jim moved his hand, wrapping his fingers over her inner leg and squeezing gently. Out of reflex, she shifted, making room for his hand, not really realizing what parting her legs signaled.

Michael caressed her right arm, running his fingertips across her skin, working his way down. He clasped her hand in his and moved it to rest on his pant leg, the fabric brushing the back of her hand. After tightening his grip momentarily, he turned her hand, releasing it and sandwiching it between his palm and his thigh.

She cupped the muscle under his pant leg, and he flinched. She automatically pulled her hand away only to have him catch it and return it. At the same time, Jim’s fingertips brushed the hem of her short skirt, pushing it up her leg with each stroke of his hand.

Tingles of excitement ran over her skin and her panties dampened. Were they doing what she thought they were, seducing her for a threesome when they got back to the hotel? She has lusted after Michael’s body in daily meetings, and salivated at the thought of actually getting to explore it.

Michael stroked her arm again, working his way to her shoulder and tugging at the strap of her dress. It eased off, allowing the front of her dress to gap on that side. Her breast swelled at the thought she might be exposed for the cab driver, and passing cars, to see. When Michael lifted her breast from the fabric, she knew the cab driver had a good view.

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