Stay Safe Crime Map of Memphis

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Stay Safe Crime Map of Memphis PDF ebook download “Which is the bad side of town?”

As a stranger in a strange place, we’ve all asked the question.

Now, the Stay Safe series provides streetwise travelers with clear, at-the-fingertips answers.

Each volume…

- Has been carefully researched, employing governmental, law enforcement and other data;
- Has been optimized for the kindle and compatible devices;
- Offers multiple pages of electronic street maps; maps that display in B&W or color according to the e-reader’s specifications;
- Is comprehensible at a moment’s glance, clearly pinpointing the city’s sketchier blocks and neighborhoods;
- Includes detailed personal safety advice.

To read what others think of the series, please check the listing for a companion title: the Stay Safe Crime Map of San Francisco. While on promotion, it attracted over twenty reviews.

This volume maps the more dangerous, higher crime districts of Memphis, Tennessee.

eBook Stay Safe Crime Map of Memphis

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