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By: Joseph Bruchac
The story takes place at camp Chuckamuck, a camp that baron and his class go on for a field trip. It’s a mountainous area that’s very secluded. Its on a deep omnious lake with plenty of wildlife.In the story baron who is the main character , is a small little boy who is picked on very much. He is much smaller than all the other kids which makes him the end of everyones jokes. His teacher Mr. wilbur tells baron about how the class field trip is to a indian camp. He assumes baron will be thrilled due to his Native American roots.
The first person narrative explains how Baron really feels about the camp.The boy relluctantly goes on the trip. When he gets there he already notices strange things. He has bad feelings about the workers and senses an all around bad omen around the camp. Although he is the smallest and has the worst feeling about the camp he seems tohe bravest one there. His knowledge of indian folk tales and how to survive off the land serves greatly to him. His curiosity for bearsgoes somewhat too far. I enjoyed this book very much.It kept me locked in the story at all times. There is humor and seriousness at the same time. Suspense and action of the story was great, and the details descibed everything like you were at the camp with him walking through the woods. It was one of the best books ive read.

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