Gate Of Days (The Book Of Time #2)

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Ancient Greek prophecies. Exploding volcanoes. Chicago gangsters. Just another day in the life for Sam Faulkner in this pulse-pounding sequel to THE BOOK OF TIME!

Sam Faulkner now knows his father is trapped in Vlad Tepes's castle, but he can't save him without the seven coins that will allow him to direct his travel to the right year in Time. So he sets off on a desperate journey through the ages to collect the coins — to the oracle at Delphi, Pompeii before Mt. Vesuvius — even Chicago in 1932, where he meets his seven-year-old grandfather. But things get wilder still when he finally finds his father, who is sick, dying, raving . . . and who insists they must rescue Sam's dead mother from Time!

eBook Gate Of Days (The Book Of Time #2)

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