Lord of Obstacles

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Lord of Obstacles PDF ebook download "The Lord of Obstacles is the Indian elephant deity, Ganesh. The story centers on a man who sustains a brain injury during the Gulf War and now works as a freelance writer and researcher in Seattle. He is given an assignment to interview an eleven year-old girl who awoke from a long-term, vegetative coma following brain surgery and now has memories belonging to someone long dead, with no connection to her or her family. She cannot recall her own identity, but has found an 'imaginary' friend and advisor with whom she is in contact with only during sleep.

The story is the search for an explanation to the girl's alternate identity and her mysterious friend who has become her trusted spiritual guide and functions within the void between life and death. The story moves to Southern India in an effort to help bring the child back to her own world."

eBook Lord of Obstacles

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