Splitting Hairs

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Splitting Hairs PDF ebook download From glorious tresses to embarrassing messes, bouffants to comb-overs, and rugs to plugs, here's a hilarious look at hair that will leave yours standing on end!
With her razor-sharp wit, Mimi Pond offers hair-raising glimpses of barbershop and beauty parlor disasters, presents profiles of hairdressers from heaven and hell, and recaps famous hair moments in film and television. She chronicles the major hair trends of the twentieth century and their impact on history providing insight into how hair has built financial empires and ruined political campaigns. To top it off, she provides tips and snippets of information on such topics as:

Hair and religion: The higher the hair, the closer to God
Breaking up is hard to do: Good excuses when you change hairdressers
Curl up and die: Weaves, cellophaning, green hair, oxidation, and other hair-coloring mysteries
Hair as a political statement, or fifty ways to bug your mother
The myth of the blonde and where it began

eBook Splitting Hairs

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