Sexy Teenage Vampires

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Sexy Teenage Vampires PDF ebook download My books fall generally into four categories, the fourth being ‘None of the Above’.

Group A could be called ‘Absurdist Comedy’. It includes some of my personal favorites, such as 'Secret Sidewalk', ‘Missy Tonight’, 'The Lemon Thief's Ex-Wife's Third Cousin'and ‘Death Ray Butterfly'.

Group B might be called ‘Speculative Fiction’, and these tend to be a tad more serious. The group contains the Snapdragon Alley series as well as ‘Zombie Nights’, ‘Entropic Quest’ and ‘Sexy Teenage Vampires’.

Group C includes more traditional fiction such as ‘Somebody Somewhere’, ‘Fixture’, and ‘Raisinheart'.

Group D is where I’m putting the stuff that doesn’t so neatly fit in the other categories, such as‘Macedonia'and my children's book, ‘Tiddlywink the Mouse’.

My hope is that this sort of classification will help readers pick another book they might enjoy, assuming they have enjoyed one in the first place!

eBook Sexy Teenage Vampires

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