Hamlet and the Magnificent Sandcastle

PDF-file by Brian Lies

Hamlet and the Magnificent Sandcastle PDF ebook download Because I very much enjoyed the Bat books by this author/illustrator, I sought other offerings and found this book on the library shelf. It is a cute tale of Hamlet the pig and his friend Quince the porcupine who travel to the beach for a day of fun.

Polar opposites, Hamlet is a free spirit and worries little, while Quince is an obsessive wreck unable to enjoy even the smallest things of the day.

While Hamlet builds a major castle, complete with a seaweed unicorn tapestry, mistakenly, Quince falls asleep. When Quince awakes, he sees the rising tide heading toward Hamlet and his castle, despite the fact that he cannot swim, he finds a way to reach his friend.

Together, as the waves overtake the castle, they discover a way to arrive safely to shore.

eBook Hamlet and the Magnificent Sandcastle

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