My Book of Counting

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My Book of Counting PDF ebook download Elephants, pandas and pigs are just a few of the animals toddlers will find throughout this cute and sturdy board book as they travel along counting various other critters. Tiger Tales Books has a fun and colorful adventure in store for young readers.

For example:
Six hoppy frogs are speeding on their way. How many ducklings can they see today?
On the next page readers can count and learn to recognize animals, six of each in a row. Penguins, ducklings, camels, butterflies, crocodiles, vultures, monkeys and elephants.

Each page invites readers to develop number recognition skills, develop languageand active recall through repetition. Parents can use this little book, which is full of information, as a tool to teach how to hold and turn the pages. Young readers can also learn colors and shapes.

eBook My Book of Counting

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