Bending the Landscape

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Bending the Landscape PDF ebook download Bending the Landscape: Horror brings together a tantalizing slew of truly horrifying tales guaranteed to provoke, entertain, and inspire fear in even the most seasoned horror aficionado. World-renowned fantasy author Nicola Griffith and fantasy publisher Stephen Pagel have compiled an exciting array of never-before-published stories, both from talented newcomers and award-winning genre veterans.

These stories, written by writers both gay and straight, incite fear and spur thought, transporting the reader into realms of shock and dread.

The jacket calls this "Volume II" in a series, but this is actually the third if you include the first volume from White Wolf (1997), Bending the Landscape: Fantasy.

Art by J.K. Potter

Introduction · Nicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel
Coyote Love · Kraig Blackwelder
Explanations Are Clear · L. Timmel Duchamp
What Are You Afraid Of? · Simon Sheppard
The Lost Homeland · Cynthia Ward
The Man Who Picks the Chamomile · Mark McLaughlin
Love on a Stick · Carrie Richerson
Triangle · Ellen Klages
Memorabilia · Holly Wade Matter
Blood Requiem · Gary Bowen
In the Days Still Left · Brian A. Hopkins and James Van Pelt
Broken Canes · Alexi Smart
Keep the Faith · A.J. Potter
The WereSlut of Avenue A · Leslie What
Kindred · Alexis Glynn Latner
'Til Death · Barbara Hambly
If I Could See Lazarus Rising · Kathleen O'Malley
The Waltz of the Epileptic Penguins · Keith Hartman
Passing · Mark W. Tiedemann
About the Editors · Misc. Material
About the Authors · Misc. Material

eBook Bending the Landscape

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