How to Do Everything with Your Camera Phone

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How to Do Everything with Your Camera Phone PDF ebook download Transform unexpected moments into recorded history with the convenience of your camera phone and help from this hands-on guide. Loaded with easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of illustrations, this book will help you take better pictures, edit and enhance images, and transmit photos to your PC, the Web, other mobile phones, and email buddies. Improve your photography techniques with great advice on framing, lighting, depth of field, self portraits, action shots, and more. Print your favorites easily, and even set up a free Website where you can share your images and thoughts with the world. Unlock the power of your camera phone and take full advantage of all its features—basic and advanced Transmit your photos anywhere easily—to your PC, email buddies, other phones, and Web sites Adjust color and lighting like a pro, crop images, and fix flaws with low-cost and easy-to-use image editing software Take well-composed pictures—including better self-portraits Get easy-to-follow tips on storing, editing, and printing your photos Compare various camera phone brands and mobile phone carriers Capture high-quality camera phone video Send instant greeting cards and caller ID photos, create your own camera phone Weblog, and more Understand privacy, security, and copyright issues

eBook How to Do Everything with Your Camera Phone

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