Wild 100's

PDF-file by Antwan Floyd

Wild 100's PDF ebook download A 20th century ex-con released into a 21st century society looking re-adjust to society Amerie Jackson has her work cut out for her. Amerie Jackson left the South Side of Chicago young, wild and dumb after a 15 year sentence returns to the streets only to find out that a lot has changed since she’s been gone. After learning that most her friends are either dead, locked up, or strung out on drugs she turns to God for answers. Life hands her another chance at success she finds work, and is on to a good start but some wounds are not easily healed Amerie tries to bond with her young daughter who she see’s going down the same crooked path she once followed. Will Amerie be able to forge a relationship with her daughter and tame her wild side or will she fall back into her old ways and prove to everyone that Wild 100’s Run it!

eBook Wild 100's

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