Routledge Handbook of Cosmopolitanism Studies

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Routledge Handbook of Cosmopolitanism Studies PDF ebook download Over the past two decades there has been great interest in cosmopolitanism across the human and social sciences. Where, earlier, it had largely been a term associated with moral and political philosophy, cosmopolitanism has now become a widely-used term in the social sciences. It is now integral to much of cultural, political and social analysis.

This is the first comprehensive survey in one volume of the interdisciplinary field of cosmopolitan studies. With over 40 chapters written by leading scholars of cosmopolitanism, this book reflects the broad reception of cosmopolitan thought in a wide variety of disciplines and across international borders. Both comprehensive and innovative in the topics covered, the Handbook of Cosmopolitanism Studies is divided into four sections:

major theoretical debates, where the emphasis is on recent developments
cultural topics in the social sciences
the politics of cosmopolitanism
major world varieties of cosmopolitanism.

The Handbook answers the need to take modern cosmopolitanism out of its exclusive western context and relate it to the historical experiences of other world cultures. This is a major work in defining the emerging field of cosmopolitanism studies.

Throughout, there is a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity, with essays covering philosophy, literary theory, history, international relations, anthropology, communications studies and sociology. The Handbook 's clear and comprehensive style will appeal to a wide undergraduate audience across the social sciences and humanities.

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