Dragon Downs

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Dragon Downs PDF ebook download Where do you look for someone who's supposed to be dead? The apocalyptic adventure starts again with Destiny's inability to forget the paranormal romance she shared with Liam. Adamant that Liam didn't die while saving her and the rest of their Nephilim team's lives, Destiny's positive her gift of knowing hasn't failed. While the English aristocrat, Nicholas, comforts her during her time of grief, Liam is resurrected from near death and a forty day coma by his billionaire Uncle Zarek using Nephilim science. Only one problem-Liam has amnesia. He slowly recovers only memories Zarek spoon-feeds him, but it doesn't include Destiny. As Liam struggles to deal with horrific images used to brainwash him into believing he's a vicious assassin, he becomes convinced a girl with turquoise eyes who continues to float into his consciousness, holds the key to the truth about his past. Meanwhile, the entire Nephilim team is invited to Dragon Downs, an Irish castle that Nicholas' ancestor built hundreds of years ago. The estate grounds are overlooked by a huge dragon gargoyle on top the roof. The team's arrival at Dragon Downs sets off a chain of curious and sinister occurrences from dragon and UFO sightings in the sky, animal mutilations, and crop circles. The townspeople are convinced Shadow Academy's students have caused their woes. As Destiny draws closer to Nicholas, Liam recovers his memories. An alarming feeling sets in. Destiny is in danger. The truth comes with a shocking revelation about his dilemma. Can he save Destiny without condemning himself to an eternity in hell? Book Two in the School of Shadows series continues on a dangerous road of surprises and strange, apocalyptic revelations thousands of years old, pointing to what may be the last days of earth as we know it.

eBook Dragon Downs

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