Studio Pottery in Britain 1900-2005

PDF-file by Jeffrey Jones

Studio Pottery in Britain 1900-2005 PDF ebook download Studio Pottery in Britain 1900-2005 by Jeffrey Jones offers a comprehensive account of the emergence, development and achievements of British studio pottery during the 20th century. Key movements, trends and personalities are all covered. This is an important topic because Britain was the world leader in the development of studio ceramics and the ramifications of these developments have had a global impact. The book looks at how pottery established itself within the wider context of the visual arts.

The book examines the range of pottery produced under the heading of 'studio pottery' and discusses the way the work embodies and communicates the values of the makers. It also investigates how studio pottery has been presented to the world through photographs, exhibitions, books and publicity material.

eBook Studio Pottery in Britain 1900-2005

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