The Fall of Freddie the Leaf

PDF-file by Leo Buscaglia

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf PDF ebook download A deeply touching story of Freddie the leaf going through life's changes (the passing seasons) and finally falling to the ground!! He keeps asking questions about life and death. Daniel the loving friend helps him through with his delicately wonderful and wisely confident answers!
It's an amazing book that helps adults answer real deep questions such as, will we all die? why were we here at all if we only have to fall and die? And where will we go after we die?

One of my favorite quotes by Daniel, "everything dies. No matter how big or small, how weak or strong. We first do our job. We experience the sun and the moon, the wind and the rain. We learn to dance and to laugh. Then we die."

Some of the photographs were great but I'd rather see a more attractive kind of illustrations.

eBook The Fall of Freddie the Leaf

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