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Once again Lietha Wards has taken me by surprise with her work! This was one of my absolute favourites!I loved the story, the characters and especially the romance. It was such a sweet and really enjoyable read! =) It’s no surprise that with Ms. Wards work you get a little bit of everything....drama, HOT romance, a sweet, very touching story...and crazy past lives of characters! It’s all pretty much crazy but incredible!!! I love it!! ;p

THE SITUATION: The story revolves around a young woman named Brianne who has a terrible past with men and her overcoming her obstacles and fears when she gets close with her roommate, Cara’s, older brother, Jeb at their family’s ranch in the summer.

THE PROBLEM: Cara’s brothers are all gorgeous, sexy and dripping with HOTNESS and of course they get women like people breathe air. Brianne doesn’t know how to handle their affections towards her especially with her fear of men and just wants them to stop...(At this point I had a WTF look on my face...why would you want 4 sexy ass cowboys to stop ogling you?? *shakes head and sighs*)

THE SOLUTION: Jeb has his eyes on Brianne and he will do anything to keep her all to himself. Sexual teasing, stolen kisses, intimate touches, hot words whispered in ears, very HOT horse name it and you’ll get it! That is all I’m going to say!!! =) Ladies...start imagining!!! *wink*

I just love reading about stories like this, with a shy heroine and an alpha male all zinged up with sexual tension! Just gets to you! I swear itdoes! I really admired Brianne and her courage to stand up and face her problems despite her fears. I especially liked how open she was with Jeb and how safe and trusting she was with him! She really did open up and it was something to be admired. :) As for Jeb....really Lietha Wards has all SEXY ALPHA males sooo....that pretty much covers that! He was hot as hell and sexy as sin! No other words to describe him! And their GOD....could this book get any hotter?? Seriously some of the things Jeb said made me blush!!!


Ms. Wards you truly rock my world with your amazing and wonderful stories! Lumber and Lace was one of my top stories and I just fell in love right from the beginning! I mean...come on.....4 gorgeous brothers, a shy but sexy girl and one sizzling hot can you not LOVE that!!?? I definitely look forward to reading more stories written by Ms. Wards in the future. =)

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