Toby, Where Are You?

PDF-file by William Steig

Toby, Where Are You? PDF ebook download Whenever William Steig delegates to another artist the illustrating work in any of his books, it seems that the chosen artist is tremendously capable of casting light upon the work of this great author.

Playing a game of Hide-and-Seek with his parents, Toby dashes from hiding spot to hiding spot throughout the house, always staying a few steps ahead of where his parents are searching. The illustrated scenes around the house and outside are surprisingly beautiful in some cases, nicely commending the artistic skill of Teryl Euvremer. The best one of all, I'd say, is the picture in which Toby's mother and father open the front door to look for him outside beneath the dark night sky and its glowing stars, while Toby quietly hides on the roof.

Toby, Where Are You? is a nice book that is well suited to its intended age group. I might give it one and a half stars.

eBook Toby, Where Are You?

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