Eden Rising (Eden, #5)

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Eden Rising (Eden, #5) PDF ebook download A huge-canvased saga of passion and loss, of tragic endings and glorious new beginnings, Eden Rising is a splendid complement to the four bestselling novels which have preceded it.

Moving from the black and stormy battlements of great mansions to the compassionate chambers of houses of mercy, Eden Rising follows the tempestuous stations of aristocrat John Murrey Eden's perilous path through sin and privation to redemption and the peace that only love can bestow.

When the tyrannical Eden first encounters the simple country nurse Susan Mantle, he is a desperate man, sick with an illness both of body and the spirit. Haunted by the ghosts of cruel acts which stalk the corridors of the family manse, tortured by memories of children lost and loves turned to hatreds, he seeks only the escape that death can bring-until Susan, every inch his equal in strength of will, urges him back to health and out of England, searching to recapture so much that, in his blindness, he had once spurned

It is a search that will challenge him as never before, that will hurl him into the vortex of the winds of change, will risk his life and punish him for his long years of culpability. But, above all, it is a journey that will ultimately carry him home to a glorious acknowledgement of the greatest blessing of all-the blessing of a woman's selfless love.

Deeply romantic, profoundly felt and vividly recounted, Eden Rising is a tale as compelling as it is intensely moving. With this fifth volume of the Eden series, Marilyn Harris has created a treasure trove for readers everywhere.

eBook Eden Rising (Eden, #5)

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