Kissing Kilimanjaro

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Kissing Kilimanjaro PDF ebook download I read this a few months after making it to Uhuru Peak myself, and it is really a great comparison to my own experience with Kilimanjaro. It brought me back to the paths of Machame, and made me realize that I wasn't alone in my experience. From the scenery to the internal struggle of summit night, it truly struck home! I really enjoyed when he spoke of how special Tanzania is, and how easy it is to fall in love with the lifestyle, the people, and their culture. Some of the simple things he experienced truly struck home with me and my own relationship with Tanzania. It was well written, from his own personal struggle, to facts and history of Kilimanjaro and it's people.

"It seemed ridiculous to smile at someone who is clearly not happy with my presence. But feeling protected in my little white bus and having no other ideas, I gave it a try. I turned back to the silent figure and returned his dark glare with a hesitant grin.
Almost immediately, the fierce warrior was transformed. His scowl vanished, and he grinned from ear to ear. His eyes beamed with delight and there was welcoming in his smile. I think he would have invited me for milk, (the staple drink for the Masai,) had we not been separated by the bus windows. I began to realize that my safety as a tourist-class traveler was costing me some real experience."

eBook Kissing Kilimanjaro

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