A Feast of Crime

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A Feast of Crime PDF ebook download Dark Fete by Jeanne M. Dams
Dorothy Martin never expected the local church fund-raiser to turn deadly, but when a local woman is poisoned by strawberry jam made by Dorothy's neighbor and best friend, Jane Langland, Dorothy uses her delicious brownies and her sleuthing skills to save Jane from a fate worse than death.

Everybody Didn't Like Sara Lee by Denise Dietz
When the body of Sara Lee is found in the dumpster behind Uncle Vinnie's Gourmet Italian Restaurant, where she worked nights, patrons wonder who would want to harm the feisty and talented Barbara Streisand wanna-be. It's up to formerly plump Ellie Bernstein and her beau, Detective Peter Miller, to find out who really didn't like Sara Lee.

Death to Donuts by Cynthia P. Lawrence
Food "terrorists" are wreaking havoc in Los Angeles, blowing up donut and bagel shops, even threatening the posh carb-heavy Italian eateries, all in the name of saving fatties from killer foods. When a food insider is fatally shot at one of her affairs, caterer Cat Deean must track down this culinary culprit, who approach to dieting is murder.

Tori Miracle and the Turkey of Doom by Valerie S. Malmont
As events coordinator for the Silverthorne Bed and Breakfast Inn, Tori Miracle decides hosting the annual "Oz" convention will be good for the small town of Lickin Creek. Unfortunately, in additon to a house full of Dorothys, Cowardly Lions, Flying Monkeys and Munchkins, she gets a storm, a ghost, a thief, and a dead Tin Woodman.

eBook A Feast of Crime

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