The Pancake Club Anthology

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After being on a big-city network news station, the last thing Tessa Sheldon wants to do is return to the small town of Mercy Ridge to work at the local radio station. But, she doesn’t have many choices.

Police Officer, Dolan Nash, wants to feel something other than the pain and death that’s surrounded him the past few years. If he keeps his head down and focuses on the peaceful quiet of the small town, the memories will stay quiet as well.

Sometimes we keep secrets inside. It’s easier than bringing out the darkness of our pasts. Will Mercy Ridge be the place where Dolan and Tessa find peace… and possibly love?

Lesson Plan for Love

As soon as Chad Granger thinks he’s exhausted every prospect of finding a woman in Mercy Ridge, the new third-grade teacher shows up in town and rents a cabin on his parent’s farm. He’s immediately attracted to the hippie-like woman who appears to be the exact opposite of his former girlfriend.

Kristin Warner is conflicted about her attraction to Chad, but convinces herself there’s nothing wrong with nurturing a friendship between them. Not quite ready to share her secret, she refuses to go out with him with a brief explanation that she isn’t ready for a boyfriend.

When Chad discovers why Kristin won’t date him, he faces the toughest decision of his life—to close his mind to her or open his heart.

Damage Control

Teenage love is a road fraught with heartache and Jennifer Defoe was no exception. Hers is an unrequited love for a boy who thought her a friend. When he left for the Navy, Jennifer gave up on her future and any hope of love.

Michael Harrison left Mercy Ridge with grand plans of travel and adventure only to have it come crashing down upon him after a tragic accident leaves him scarred. He flees back to the only home he has ever known for the chance to heal.

Jennifer Defoe hurts from a future that never was. Michael Harrison hurts from a past that he gave up. What happens when the fear of being close to someone collides with the fear of being hurt again? And can either of them overlook the past long enough to envision a future with each other?

Saddle Up For Love

Barb Sessions is a wrangler for the Saddle Up Dude Ranch, just outside the small town of Mercy Ridge. A couple times a week she and her other Pancake Club get together for breakfast at the Memories Diner and discuss single life in a small town. Trouble is, her other friends are all now engaged to be married. Barb meets a lot of dudes, couples in love and children on her job, but never any men her age. Could it be because she's always in jeans and cowboy boots?

Dirk Adams is new to town and the new owner of the town's Large Animal Mobile Veterinary Clinic. This is his first job as a practicing veterinarian. He's heard that small town folks often don't warm up to new people...and now he's getting ready to replace their beloved retiring Doc Nick. How will they react to Dirk's new ways?

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