The Mindbender--A Suspense Novel

PDF-file by Tim Kizer

The Mindbender--A Suspense Novel PDF ebook download FBI Agent Peter Anderson arrives at a secret military installation to help break Max Pollack, a Navy SEAL believed to have mind control powers.

Consumed by paranoia, having no one to trust, Peter has trouble telling which thoughts are his own and which have been planted by the mindbender.

All bets are off when the Secretary of Defense is suspected to have been influenced by Pollack.

With the world's fate in the balance, Peter and his colleagues discover that they may be on the wrong side.

Tensions are high as they struggle to figure out whether or not they are being manipulated by the mindbender.

Who are Max Pollack's masters and what are their plans?

The frightening thing is, even the mindbender might not know the answers.

eBook The Mindbender--A Suspense Novel

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