Writing Humor for More Than Laughs

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Writing Humor for More Than Laughs PDF ebook download I'm a Heartland American who still believes in God, country, and apple pie (ummm). I've been married to the same woman for 40 years and plan to remain so as long as she and God permit it. I'm a father of two, grandfather of two, a Protestant, a veteran. Some would call me a curmudgeon (and have); I prefer conservative. I left the business world in 2007 to become a full time writer. I have three published novels - RED LAND OUTLAW, LEGENDS OF TSALAGEE, GAME, all of which have been #1 Best Sellers on Amazon. The 4th & 5th novels are in the pipe. I am a regular contributor to the Western Fictioneers blog http://westernfictioneers.blogspot.com/ . I never read books about teenage vampires, probably because I'm a former high school teacher; and have not, nor will I ever, read a Harry Potter book. The thought of flying, magical children frightens me.

eBook Writing Humor for More Than Laughs

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