Touch of Death (Terrano Trilogy #3)

PDF-file by E. Rose Sabin

Touch of Death (Terrano Trilogy #3) PDF ebook download Bailey Marshall, China Terrano, and K.T. Malloran are three people bound together by the slender thread of one woman’s desire to save the man for whom she bears an illicit love.China’s incestuous love for her half brother Paolo leads her to track him to a rebel encampment on a distant planet.On discovering that Paolo has been changed by the implantation of neural devices that turn one of his hands into an instrument of death and that allow him to view and control all that happens in the rebel strongholds, China tries unsuccessfully to wean him from the devices that have transformed him.Barred from the rebel camp, she seduces Bailey and persuades him to go with her to fetch K.T. from a planet where she teaches the love of the All-Mother and take her to Paolo, who once loved her.China hopes that love can be rekindled.She’s willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to save Paolo but fails to realize that the required sacrifice may be Paolo himself.

eBook Touch of Death (Terrano Trilogy #3)

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