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Restless PDF ebook download A simple one-night stand. No strings attached. A chance for Annie Fogerty to re-establish her self-confidence. A chance for Donovan Masters to add yet another conquest to his endless string of forgettable encounters. But as passion flares between these two strangers, magic happens. Two people who have given up on love find it, only to discard that magic and walk away. Annie must find a way to see through Donovan's stony exterior to find the real man inside. Donovan, with the toughest task of all, must do exactly the same thing—learn who he really is and whether he is worthy to share Annie Fogerty's life. The story commences in flames of passion and ends in actual flames. Annie must place her heart and ultimately her life in Donovan's hands if she is to survive either inferno. Both infernos. Everything!
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