A Walking Shadow

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A Walking Shadow PDF ebook download A Walking Shadow: A Nick McDeare psychological mystery

The sequel to The Evil that Men Do, A Walking Shadow places Nick McDeare, renowned mystery writer and investigative reporter, in the crosshairs of danger. Nick is engaged to marry Broadway star Jessie Kendle New Year’s Eve. But when Nick discovers the sociopath father of Jessie’s son Anthony faked his own death and is conspiring with a Mafia don to kidnap the boy, he races against time to save him. To protect her, Nick keeps Jessie in the dark, a decision he will regret, even as Jessie deals with ominous backstage sabotage from a shocking source. Mysteries multiply within mysteries against the glittering Broadway backdrop. Before it’s over, the spirit of Nick’s brother, a rescue dog, and a NYPD detective all merge with Nick and Jessie in a deadly climax to rescue Anthony from the shadows. But no one is safe—not even when you think it’s over …

eBook A Walking Shadow

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