Lily (Mystic, #2)

PDF-file by Jo Michaels

Lily (Mystic, #2) PDF ebook download This is book two of the Mystic series. A set of New Adult Paranormal novellas that discuss the ugly truth of things happening in the world all around us, showing how strong women can make a difference.

Lily Conyers is a twenty-year-old who has it all going for her. One wrong decision changes her life forever. When she meets a strange young woman named Markaza, Lily begins to re-build with encouragement from her new friend.

One rough night, Lily finds a letter on her step from a company called WSTW; promising her a new life.

Lily packs her bags, bids Markaza goodbye, and sets off for the city. But going to New York is only the first hurdle Lily must jump. She must learn to use the power inside herself to help defeat an evil that is threatening to destroy the world. Once in New York, she meets a girl named Bronya and the two help one another re-build what was so negligently broken.

As Lily is boarding the plane, Markaza gets on another headed to Tennessee so she can collect the next young woman on her list: Shelia.

eBook Lily (Mystic, #2)

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