Equinox (Paranormal Werewolf Erotica)

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Equinox (Paranormal Werewolf Erotica) PDF ebook download Kathy is a young witch whose virginal status qualifies her to become her coven's Equinox Maiden, the witches' representative in the mysterious Wild Hunt. She doesn't mind that nobody seems to know what the Wild Hunt entails (because long-time crush Marcus has finally noticed her), at least until the High Matriarch reveals the true nature of the Hunt, and Kathy's important role.

Book #1 in the Equinox Series

Warning: This story contains some adult language, sexual situations, and werewolf sex. Not intended for readers under 18.


He planted his hands on either side of my head and towered above me, casting a shadow the size of an elephant. I wondered how we would fulfill the actual mechanics of sex, considering our difference in size, when he began to shrink. I turned my face to watch his claws retract into his fingers. His knuckles looked a little less hairy than before. When I looked back up at his face, he was still more wolf than man, but his yellow eyes had a softer quality, and he had an actual mouth with a pair of surprisingly succulent-looking lips.

“May I kiss you?” he asked with his new mouth.

I nodded, suddenly unable to breathe. He lowered his face and inhaled deeply, something that struck me as a very wolf-like thing to do, before he pushed his whiskery mouth against mine. He had an earthy, irony kind of smell, nothing like Marcus’s manufactured cologne scent. I parted my lips and let him explore my mouth. When my tongue brushed against the tips of his fangs, a thrill shivered down the length of my body.

As Damon kissed me, his hand kneaded my breasts and thighs, as if he couldn’t decide between the two. I parted my knees invitingly, letting him feel my outer lips. The pads of his fingers were rough and calloused, again very different from Marcus, whose privileged life under our High Matriarch left his hands as soft as a hand model’s.

“Let me know when you’re ready,” he said as he stroked me.

I felt a surge of desire but kept my mouth shut. Even though I was a virgin, I had talked to Tatiana on enough morning-after phone calls to know that getting warmed up was just as important as the marathon itself.

Damon lowered himself between my knees and pushed his head under my skirt, tickling the skin of my thighs with his fur. I gasped as I felt the first light touches down there.

“How’s this?” His voice was slightly muffled.

My back arched. “Ah! That feels…amazing,” I managed to say. I regretted comparing Damon to Marcus. He was nothing like him, at all.

Approximate length: 6,600 words. SHORT STORY

eBook Equinox (Paranormal Werewolf Erotica)

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