It Came from the Swamp

PDF-file by Nicole Rubel

It Came from the Swamp PDF ebook download "It came from the Swamp" is about a group of crazy, funny alligators. One day as they were playing baseball, one of the gators named Alfie, got hit in the head by the ball. He was suppose to be playing outfield, but got hungry; so he wasn't really paying attention. After Alfie got up from being unconscious, he did not know who he was nor where he was. Then as his friends came up to him, Alfie was terrified by their teeth, so he ran! He was so scared, he left the swamp and ran into the city. He tried to escape the other alligators by running with joggers, pretending to be a woman's husband, and even riding a motorcycle race! The humans, of course, all reacted the same way. They were scared, so all of them ran. As Alfie was trying to run from his forgotten friends, he gets thrown back into the swamp. Hopefully for Alfie and the humans, Alfie recovers his memory soon!

I thought this book contained a lot of humor and creativity. There was so many parts where I really ended up laughing. Like the part where he got hit by the ball, and made that ridiculous face! Also the part where he was scared of his own kind, and started running. I think this book is a good read for children, because the difficulty of the reading is low. It keeps it simple and really easy to understand. There's really no logic to the story, so it makes it even more fun to read. Overall, the storyline was great.

This book contained a lot of colorings to its illustrations. That was the first thing I got when I picked this book up. I feel like for the humor and storyline this book contains, having a lot of colorings really fits it perfectly. After reading it, you can clearly tell that this book is meant for children, and the coloring really expresses that. The only thing I did dislike, was the drawings. The overall design of the characters, I thought, was a little sloppy. It wasn't really to my liking. However, even though I thought the drawings were sloppy, I loved how the author put so many details to it. If you look at the background of each page, you can always find something funny happening. Whether it's the expressions of the other animals or the funny designs in the people's house, it is all so creative and humorous. Trying to find all the little details was definitely my favorite part of the book. I give a lot of credit to the author for that.

eBook It Came from the Swamp

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