Gone Troppo

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Gone Troppo PDF ebook download Gone Troppo is the 10th book by John O’Grady (aka Nino Cullotta). This book is not part of the Weird Mob series, and tells the tale of Bill, a Territory cattleman who goes to the Whitsunday Islands looking for work until the drought breaks. There is plenty of Aussie slang, a bit of verse, a horde of imaginative insults and with characters from different states, possibly the point here is to show how attitudes differ from state to state. O’Grady includes a bit of romance and while sexism is still rampant, this one is written in the late sixties, so not quite as bad as the earlier books. O’Grady gives the character Jimmy the voice of the aboriginal on land rights, an enlightened position for the era, but the littering of the seas and plundering of the reef accentuate the difference with modern times. There is also quite a lot of alcohol consumption followed by driving of vehicles, indicating the absence of the breathalyser. An excess of boating description becomes rather tedious but the illustrations by Benier are excellent. While still amusing in places, this book lacks the freshness and laugh-out-loud humour of the Nino Culotta books.

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