Runes of the Quest

PDF-file by J.T. Marie

Runes of the Quest PDF ebook download This is remarkably short story. Featuring a questing Princess on a mission to rescue another and her hedge-magic-wielding sidekick, only an idiot will be surprised by the 'twist' at the conclusion of the story. Regardless I enjoyed it, and its brevity meant it didn't overstay its welcome.

Alas, some of the themes at points were laid on a little thick. There is an odd moment where a man is killed after he makes a heavy-handed social point. There is another odd moment where the hedge-mage attempts a theft which goes badly ( - I was a touch confused as to what the point of that was in the story). There is also no romance; for those that look there is probably f/f subtext, however what is plaintext suggests the two main characters appear to evolve a very comfortable friendship. Regardless (or perhaps because of this) it is quite satisfying.

eBook Runes of the Quest

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