Proceed With Caution

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For Naomi Payne, privacy is a must. She needs it in order to carry out the secret affair she's been having with State Representative Calvin Davis, one of the most powerful men in Texas. Touted as the "family values" candidate, Calvin's chance at a twelfth term in office would be destroyed if word of his infidelity were to get out. Too bad Naomi told her friend Sheila about it, and Sheila likes to gossip.

News of the affair is leaked to the press, and Calvin's team goes into overdrive to protect his reputation, dismissing the relationship as mere rumor. Calvin stops taking Naomi's calls, and she's left alone to pick up the pieces of her life. But what she quickly learns is that this was no simple affair, and there are people out there who are not willing to let it go so easily. After a local murder hits too close to home, Naomi is afraid that she might be next.

Can Calvin set aside his ambition to protect Naomi, or will she fall victim to the ruthless game of politics?

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