Right Place, Right Time

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Right Place, Right Time PDF ebook download Right Place...Right Time is an inspirational, exciting book based on the incredible story of a young man who defied the ravages of the Great Depression who rose to controlling a listed public company in South Africa and amassed a great fortune. On the way to building an industrial empire in Central Africa, Tom witnessed the ruthless carnage of civil war and military struggle to control the untold riches of what was the Belgian Congo, that abandoned, enormously rich land. Taking advantage of warring conditions with a black local partner, he bought and smuggled rough diamonds and emeralds out of Congo for sale in South Africa and Europe. Over years of dangerous activity an enormous fortune shared with his black partner was made. Dangerous activities moved to Zambia and later discontinued with his return to concentrate on business activities in Rhodesia until that country's future was disrupted by the declaration of independence from Great Britain that spelled business disaster. Another business empire was built in South Africa. With retirement came boredom and extreme sporting activities including a pilot's license. An interview with Jonas Savimbi, the leader of a rebel faction in Angola, was arranged. Tom was granted rights to buy rough diamonds assisted by his long time black partner. The illegal activity, essential to Savimbi's war, was covered by regular, legal supply flights into Angola. Huge quantities of exceptional, big diamonds were bought, delivered to Switzerland and paid for by bank transfers. The partners became incredibly rich. Activities ceased when Savimbi's armies were defeated by the communist government aided by Cuban and Russian infantry and air forces. His black partner returned to Zambia with a pregnant young bride. Tom moved into legally selling unique diamonds worldwide, to the filthy rich of the world. Years later the partners teamed up again to rid Sierra Leone of that country's 'blood diamonds,' tag adding to their fortunes and influence. The partnership continues.

eBook Right Place, Right Time

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