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P-Light PDF ebook download Brett's hot wife, Raven, lets him make a little video porn with her in the starring role — getting fucked by another man! Brett is artistically minded and wants to make a classy porno, but his two stars don't give a damn about the esthetics and have something far sleazier in mind. It only makes things worse that Raven's co-star is the built and hung Reed, who doesn't mind engaging in a fun little bit of domination toward Brett, getting off on the cuckold's humiliation. Since Raven's in charge in the bedroom, dishing out regular denial and humiliation, Brett can't help but crave more.

As the two amateur stars go at it, Brett finds himself feeling more submissive than ever before. Reed gives it to Raven so good that Brett worries things might change between his wife and him. He can almost feel his abilities as a lover becoming less and less in demand with every thrust Reed gives her...in the future, will he be relegated to nothing but a cameraman role?

P-Light is an explicit 6,064-word erotic story intended only for an adult audience.

eBook P-Light

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