The Secret Deepens (Grim Hill, #2)

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The Secret Deepens (Grim Hill, #2) PDF ebook download

(ages 9 - 12)Welcome to the thrilling sequel to The Secret of Grim Hill. After a soul-shaking Halloween, things have finally gotten back to normal for Cat Peters. Now the big drama in her life isn't a battle against diabolical fairies, but a battle of the sexes on the soccer field. Meanwhile, ever since escaping her imprisonment in Grim Hill, Cat's little sister Sookie has only been interested in one thing:magic. When the aspiring conjurer takes her discoveries too far, it is up to Cat to set things straight. Can she really bear to return to the dreaded Grim Hill for a final confrontation with the powerful beings that dwell there?

eBook The Secret Deepens (Grim Hill, #2)

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