Life Is a Road Trip!

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Life Is a Road Trip! PDF ebook download In 2012, Karen Davey-Winter created a plan for an eight-week trip around the United States with her son, Joshua. With the logistics and schedule finalized, they left their neighborhood on June 22, 2012, and began a journey into mindfulness that would change both of them forever. Karen attached a theme to each week of their journey-freedom, impact, kindness, connection, empathy, collaboration, curiosity, and gratitude. As they traveled, she and Joshua focused on how their activities, feelings, and behavior related to each theme, as well as what they learned in the process. Along with compelling, often humorous anecdotes, Karen recalls her insights, fears, and challenges. She also provides mini-coaching sessions that use practical applications and expert advice to help you discover new options, overcome obstacles, and make meaningful changes in your own life. This personal narrative shares the unforgettable journey of a mother and son as they learned to live a whole new way.

eBook Life Is a Road Trip!

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