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Wetherton PDF ebook download History (noun) - A narrative of events; story. Jillian Garrett is passionate about history. But after ten years at the Wetherton Historical Foundation in tiny Wetherton, Connecticut, her zeal is losing its zing. She spends more time fundraising that preserving, and more energy dealing with the quirky people and problems of small town life than she does on her own life. Maybe it's time for a fresh start in Manhattan where money and single men seem to be unlimited in supply. But then there is Lady Jane Rochester of Broadhurst Hall who Jillian recently discovered on the Web. Can an octogenarian aristocrat, across the Atlantic, help her solve a centuries-old mystery about Wetherton's greatest patriot? Oddly, yes, because Lady Jane has just installed an Internet connection for her brand new computer, and a world of possibilities is now at her fingertips. But is this new world ready for Jane? Their online, overseas friendship becomes a welcome distraction for both. As the bulldozers of progress come charging into town, and the fiery patriots of Wetherton prepare to defend themselves against the well-financed machine of Murton construction, the crazy world of the chat room comes knocking on Lady Jane's door. Wetherton is a refreshing and delightful twist on the story of friendship between two very different women, on the notion that history is set in stone, and the reality that two people can always look at exactly the same thing and see something entirely different.

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