When Someone You Love Is Angry

PDF-file by W. Doyle Gentry

When Someone You Love Is Angry PDF ebook download Clinical psychologist and anger expert W. Doyle Gentry offers compassionate, practical insight to those with angry loved ones, providing coping strategies that help strengthen emotional intimacy and establish boundaries-and avoid being held hostage to a partner's angry words and behavior.

When Someone You Love Is Angry combines the latest research with real-life testimony, resulting in a survival guide for those exposed to toxic anger, outlining a unique seven-step program to minimize the emotional damage of loving, but angry, relationships:

- Reaching out for support
- Abandoning the eight myths about love and anger
- Recognizing and putting a stop to abusive behavior
- Avoiding facilitation of the anger syndrome
- Refraining from angry responses
- Innoculating oneself against stress
- Exploring one's options

eBook When Someone You Love Is Angry

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