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Gentlemen's Gentlemen PDF ebook download Written after her retirement, this is the sequel to Rosina Harrison's bestselling memoir, Rose: My Life In Service. Gentleman's Gentleman is about the author's male colleagues and friends in service: the valets, gardeners, footmen, and butlers. Their work was often of a very different sort from hers, but they all shared the same achingly long hours and immense pride in keeping their employers' huge houses running like clockwork. These people were passionate about their vocation and had no time for fellow servants who loafed or didn't take their work seriously. However, they still managed to have time for inside jokesand good times! In this book you will find yourself behind the scenes, below stairs, and in the vast estate greenhouses and grounds of British aristocracy and royalty in the 1930's, 40's and beyond.

Downton Abbey is enjoyable, and I love to watch it, of course! But it is an often inaccurate and very Hollywood-ized portrayal of the glory days of the British country estates. If you love that era and British culture, you will find these books so much more satisfying. I reread them recently and was riveted all over again, as much by Rosina Harrison's excellent writing style and sense of humor as by her amazing life. I believe her books are all back in print, as they deserve.

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