The Christmas Wedding (Masquerade, #3)

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The Christmas Wedding (Masquerade, #3) PDF ebook download This book started off really well. I devoured the first half on it in just a couple of hours. There were many things to like about this book: a riveting plot, very likeable characters, and good historical detail woven seemlessly into the story.

My main complaint with this book was that the romance between the characters was not quite as compelling as I would have liked. There seemed to be a bit more focus on the sexual attraction between the two than the feelings of tenderness that were supposed to be growing. I want a romance to give me the warm fuzzies, and this one didn't quite do it. Also, there were two children in the book, and while the boy was a fully-developed character, the girl wasn't much more than a plot device.

One other minor complaint was that I bought this book thinking that it was a Regency romance, but there was hardly any Regency detail in it. Also, I thought this was a Christmas romance (after all, it's in the title!), but Christmas doesn't make an appearance until the last third of the novel, and even then, it's not much more than a few passing glances. The Christmas aspect of this book felt pretty much tacked on.

Also, the author dropped a few threads until right at the end, where she picked them up in the last two pages of the story. It was like she suddenly remembered that she had some loose ends to tie up, and rushed to do it at the end of the book.

However, despite all these complaints, this book was entertaining and enjoyable.

eBook The Christmas Wedding (Masquerade, #3)

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