Lives in Time and Place

PDF-file by Richard A. Settersten Jr.

Lives in Time and Place PDF ebook download Time and place are of the greatest significance for scientific inquiry about human lives. As we seek to better understand the nature and rhythm of the life course in modern societies, its effective analysis and explanation simultaneously becomes more pressing and more complicated. This information is crucial for developing and reforming social policies, services, and interventions aimed at improving human development and welfare. Yet as our scientific treatments have become more elaborate, they have also become more fragmented within and between academic disciplines, across the study of specific life periods, and by method.

Our challenge now lies in moving away from this fragmentation toward a more integrated developmental science. The many promises of developmental science hinge upon whether we are able to bridge disparate disciplinary orientations, further several important debates, and overcome many theoretical and methodological barriers, most of which involve time or place in some form. This book is about those challenges. It explicates and critiques central propositions and controversies in the study of lives. It discusses challenges posed by age and age structuring, and by generation and cohort; challenges to understanding lives the long way; and challenges posed by social contexts and other issues. It also sets an agenda for the future of developmental science—as we strive to understand human lives in whole and as wholes, through time and in place.

. . . an essential resource for those interested in crafting theory and research on the life course.

eBook Lives in Time and Place

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