The Irish Rogue

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The Irish Rogue PDF ebook download Ailis O'Neill is not the average Dublin society miss. She spends her time teaching English to the Gaelic peasants—and painting the local wildlife. But with her brother running for British Parliament on behalf of Ireland, Ailis is expected to socialize with the political set. Her disdain for the English partisans is evident, but no more so than her disdain for Lord Clane.

Little does she realize that Lord Clane was once An Cú—The Hound—a notorious highwayman who stole from the wealthy British and gave to the Irish poor. Hailed as a hero—especially by Ailis—his current reputation is less than heroic... for someone is impersonating An Cú and tarnishing his noble image. Exposing the imposter will mean damaging the Irish cause, and Lord Clane has more than his reputation to think of—he has Ailis' heart.

eBook The Irish Rogue

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