The Dragonkeepers

PDF-file by Mike Shade

The Dragonkeepers PDF ebook download Sord left his home among the plains people when he was just a boy to become dragonkeeper to the mighty dragon Rafon. They live happily together in the hills of the Riokonnan, with the other dragons.

When Rafon's son Gerri goes missing, Sord volunteers to find the young dragon. His travels take him to the city of Tazeen where dragons are prized highly — as ingredients in magic potions. It is not place for any dragon to come, especially a youngling. But come to Tazeen Gerri has, and Sord isn't quite sure what to do when he discovers that Gerri risked the trip for the sole purpose of finding his own dragonkeeper.

Kell has lived all his life on the streets of Tazeen, neither noble nor rich, merchant nor worker. Imagine his surprise when he discovers Gerri in the catacombs beneath the city and realizes that he can sing the dragon language. What will he do when Sord arrives intent on returning Kell's new dragon friend back to the safety of the mountains?

Read this fantasy adventure and find out!

eBook The Dragonkeepers

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