If You Must Wake the Tiger...Use a Long Lick

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If You Must Wake the Tiger...Use a Long Lick PDF ebook download I recently noticed the rating for this book on Goodreads was either a 4 or a 5...while I have grown to enjoy some of Jeanie Johnson's stories (this was a first for me), this one isn't one isnt a favorite. Nor, does it (in my opinion) warrant 4 or 5 stars...as you can see I didnt even give it a 3! Below is the original review that I posted on Amazon.com, I leave you to form your own opinion.
As an avid reader, I never judge a book by its cover or in this case its title. If I did I would have passed on this book, but the description sold me. The book description was better written than the content.

I was intrigued with the Ius gym dynasty, generations of males that have shaped the fitness industry through personal fitness and/or boxing (I wasn't sure which until nearly the end of the book) then along comes the only female who is smart, sexy, and no-nonsense. An independent woman who fits right into this all male world. However, her male family members dont believe she has had a chance to get in touch with her feminine side. In an effort to allow her some "girl" time they send their 6ft Amazon princess to an exclusive "adult" spa retreat in Norway. Unbeknowst to our heroine and her family the spa is owned and semi-operated by a reclusive drop dead gorgeous blond Norwegian shapeshifting tiger. I just knew this was going to be a really good read.

Um, yeah...not so much. The story line is very loose, there is some backstory on the heroine, her father (teen single parent made good), her education, career, her brother and how she ends up in Norway. We arent given very much backstory on our hero except hes a grouchy recluse, loves women, and he turned his home into a spa so others could share in the beauty of his homeland-he doesnt run it, he leaves that to his many male cousins (who also love women)...oh and he's a tiger shifter. Seriously, a majority of the books focuses on the heroine. The hero is just an after thought. He has no depth, nor do any of his family members. The interactions between our hero and other characters is stilted. It is obvious that there was a backstory between our hero and the other character, but I think I missed those chapters. Despite all that I was giving this book the benefit of the doubt, because the content wasnt awful, it just needed some work...until the heroine and hero came together.

**Spoiler Alert** These two couldnt have been more cliche! The heroine was booked at the spa for three weeks, for the whole week and some change she is there (the timeline is sketchy) these two never cross paths. He prefers to spend his time in the woods surrounding his home, she likes to takes walks in the woods surrounding his home...but they never run into each other, hm.

Then when they meet for the first time he is in his tiger form. Instead of running or doing whatever normal people do when face to face with a tiger, she proceeds to attack the tiger. (for real?) Our hero, who has scented that she is his mate,(litterally love at first sniff) submits to her attack.(seriously?) After a few good whacks he becomes afraid that his mate will harm herself beating on his massive tiger body, so he turns back into his human form.(*rolling eyes) Instead of being freaked out that a tiger turned into a naked human male, this chick has an internal dialog where she recognizes this man as her soul mate! Both of them are overcome with lust but dont want to scare the other off, but their sexual tension comes to a head when she verabally attacks his cousins best friend. They are so overcome with lust they proceed to make love at the dinner table, during a meal, in front of his many male cousins. Who they invite to stay and watch or get out. I was done reading after that, literally the book ended a chapter or two after that. Oh, I forgot...the Ius males all showed up in Norway to challenge the new love interest of their only female. In three paragraphs he was challenged and accepted, it all happend faster than a Mike Tyson knock out.

Did I forget to mention its part of a series? Which is written worse than this one. Go figure.

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