Broken Until You

PDF-file by J.R. Grant

Broken Until You PDF ebook download You can't shatter a heart if it's already broken.

After suffering years of abuse from her ex-boyfriend,Blue Hamilton packed her bags and left town, vowing to never look back.
Thirteen months later, just as everything started fallen into place, Blue comes face to face with the one person who invaded her thoughts, captivated her mind, and stole her heart years prior.

His sexy charm and toned, muscular body may have gotten him anything he wanted, but Stone Walker has never been able to let his walls down enough to fall in love, until Blue walks back in his life.
Promising to keep her safe from the destruction of their past, Stone does everything in his power to live up to his word, no matter the cost.

Lies are exposed, secrets are revealed, and when the truth is finally made known, innocent lives are forced through a whirlwind of suffering and pain.

What happens when you find out the one you love isn't who they say they are? Do you sell your soul to the devil, or do you run into the arms of the forbidden, praying to make it out alive?

Follow this compelling journey of love, loss and survival.

Souls will be crushed, hearts will be shattered, and if everyone makes it out alive, it’ll be a miracle.

eBook Broken Until You

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